Support Packages

Launch CRM offers support packages that include pre-purchased hourly support that encompasses all aspects of your support and outsourced administration.

  • Support of the “out-of-the-box” product
  • Support of custom code that Launch CRM has delivered to the Client; this includes bug fixes, and conflicts with Salesforce based on upgrades
  • Determine the nature of the problem (i.e. configuration changes, product issue, or a Launch CRM development issue)
  • In the case of a product issue, Launch CRM can interact with the Salesforce support team on your behalf until the issue is resolved
  • Launch CRM may assist you with the following types of issues:
    • Adding, Modifying, and Inactivating users
    • Creating and/or modifying custom fields and pick list values
    • Creating and/or modifying custom reports, list views, dashboards,
    • Creating and/or modifying user profiles, page layouts, and record types
    • Creating and/or modifying assignment, approval, and workflow rules
    • Creating and/or modifying VisualForce pages and APEX code.
    • Modifying the security sharing model
    • The mass import pre-formatted Account, Contact, Case and Solution data
    • The mass transfer, update and delete records
    • Report Writing

*Support time is tracked in 1 hour increments. Support hours must be used within 1 year of purchase date.
Select the # of support hours you wish to purchase:



Salesforce Support Package