Enhanced Group Sorting for Reports introduced in Spring ’14

With their latest Spring ’14 release, Salesforce.com has introduced enhanced options when sorting groups within a report.

In the past, the sort functionality was limited to individual rows within each group, causing headaches when you wanted to arrange groups by their total grouped value or record count.

The new feature is automatically enabled and can be located at the top of any grouped report.

It is identified with a button to sort the group and select what you want to sort on (whether it is group name, or any sum, average, max, min, or record count of each group).

To sort a report by grouping:

1) Open a grouped report

2) Locate the “Grouped By” sort button directly above the Report

New Group By button

3) Click the Drop Down to select the value you wish to sort on.  This will include the Group Name, and any Sum, Avg, Max, Min column in the report.

Group Sort Options

The new group sorting feature is a great addition to Salesforce reporting and is also automatically reflected in report charts. Pictured below is an Opportunity Bar Chart, Grouped by Lead Source, and sorted by Total Amount smallest to largest.  To quickly change the sort direction of the bar chart is as easy as clicking the “Sorted by” button.  Simple!

Lead Source Chart - Sorted