Dynamic Forms (Workaround) for Standard Objects

If you are administrator for a company you must have heard about dynamic forms. This feature gives you the flexibility of creating separate blocks of related fields to keep your layout organized and end-users happy.

However, this only works for custom objects. Lucky for you, there is an existing alternative for this function which has been existing for quite sometime now which we have been using before the Dynamic Forms has even been announced.

In this sample, we’ll be creating a field block for Tracking shipment information for each opportunity.

Getting Started:

Creation of Action

  1. Visit the object you would like to create a field blocks (Example: Opportunities)
  2. Go to Buttons, Links and Actions
  3. Click “New Action”
  4. Select “Update Record” under Action Type
  5. Provide a Name (Shipment Tracking)
  6. Click Save
  7. Remove all the fields on the Layout on the Action, and replace with our newly created custom fields Courier and Tracking Number
  8. Click Save

Adding the Action the Lightning Page Layout

  1. Edit the Opportunity Lighting Page Layout you would like to add the Action to
  2. Add a New Tab right next to the Details Tab
  3. Rename the Tab you created as “Shipment Tracking”
  4. Click the “Shipment Tracking” tab
  5. Drag the “Related Record” standard component from the left panel inside the “Shipment Tracking” tab
  6. Click the “Related Record” component you just added and select the “Shipment Tracking” action on the Update action field
  7. Click Save

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