Salesforce: Spring ’13 Release – What we are looking forward to


One of the advantages of using #1 on Forbes list of Most Innovative Companies) is you get to enjoy new releases three times a year, and with each release comes new innovations.

With the Spring ’13 release just around the corner, we thought we would highlight some of the features we are looking forward to.

Salesforce Touch

Salesforce Touch brings to any mobile device through the power of HTML 5 technology. With the Salesforce Touch Platform, you can write custom mobile apps once and deploy on any device.  This brings a whole new level of flexibility to organizations looking to develop mobile applications.

With the Spring ’13 release,  Touch is now generally available.  Additional objects now supported include: Cases, Leads, Orders, Person Accounts, and Products.  Dashboards and Visualforce tabs are also now included.

Tasks in Chatter Feeds

Spring ’13 brings the ability to display Tasks in a record’s Chatter feed.  This allows users who follow a record in the system to be notified via email any time a task is logged on that record.  This feature also allows Task generation directly form a record’s Chatter feed, providing a quick avenue for follow up Tasks and notes.

State/Country Picklists – Beta

A long awaited feature in Salesforce is the release of state and country picklists.  This feature will now allow users to choose state and country values from picklists rather than typing them into text fields.  This comes as a much needed enhancement to help enforce data formatting standards and improve search results and accuracy of reports.


For a full list of new features in the Salesforce Spring ’13 release, visit the Salesforce Spring ’13 release page: